Andrea is a qualified Dietitian and Nutritionist who is
passionate about holistic health.

Do you want to?

Learn how to Eat Right and in the Correct Quantities, Lose Weight and Body Fat, Increase your Energy levels, Eliminate your Food Cravings and Improve your Sleep?

If so, come along and see us for a clinical body composition analysis revealing your:  Body fat percentage, Skeletal muscle mass, Body symmetry, Total body water and much more.

From these results and from an analysis of your lifestyle, you’ll be given a personalised plan, tailored just for you on what to eat and drink to nourish your body and feel energised.  This is NOT a diet, as you are educated and empowered to choose foods to nourish your body and live this way forever.

You’ll also be holistically educated, individually guided and motivated on types of exercise, sleep, life balance, emotional & mental wellbeing etc and how these factors influence your hormones and the daily choices you make, which ultimately determines your entire health and wellbeing, body weight and shape.

Make an appointment today to have a scan and a private consultation.  Phone 08 9385 5544.  There are various programmes on offer to help you feel more energized and lose weight.   You will simply learn and be supported to eat and move the way we were born to as cave men and women and importantly you will feel fabulous!

Also, with nutrition tips in class, Andrea is keen to share her knowledge and experience to help others feel their best!
Watch out for Andrea’s health workshops and programmes in the future, incorporating both movement and nutrition.

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