How to Manage your Health when Life doesn’t go according to Plan!

As many of you are aware I had a nasty ankle injury, which turned my world upside down mid 2014.  I simply couldn’t walk!  Crutches became my life for 2 months and I wore a moon boot for weeks with several months’ rehabilitation.  It was a very challenging time for me emotionally and physically, as medical professionals (all with good intentions) couldn’t seem to specifically diagnose my injury.  I had my 5 year old son to take care of and a business to run.  It was very tough!

During that time, I didn’t exercise for a few weeks as I adjusted to life with crutches.  This was very difficult to say the least.  After 2 weeks, I recommenced pilates and light weights as my body would allow.  I also started regular swimming to keep my cardiovascular fitness up and continued to practice short meditations. Its most important during difficult times to stay committed with exercise and movement as your body will allow.  This is not only important for physical health and rehabilitation but also equally as important for our mental and emotional wellbeing.  This was crucial for me!  I continued exercising to within my ability most days whilst allowing my ankle and body to heal.  Despite missing running, I was starting to feel better!

I noticed my body had several signs of inflammation over that period of time.  My rings didn’t fit the correct fingers and my skin showed gentle signs of dermatitis.  The sports medical specialists observed inflammation in all of my injured ankle joints and considered it a diagnostical challenge.  I considered my diet, as dairy and gluten may cause inflammation in some individuals.  I believe gluten was at play in my body.  I now continue to eat some gluten in my diet, but considerably less than previously.

As with all experiences in life, we grow and gain strength from the journey.  I’m a big believer in being in the moment and breathe is one of my best friends!  Whenever I feel stressed or upset, I try to return to conscious deep diaphragmatic breathe as often as possible, as this is the only way to consciously talk to our autonomic nervous system to tell our bodies we are safe.  I’m not always brilliant at it, but I try.  Despite the difficult time, I knew deep down in my heart I would grow in many ways from the experience.  Regular short meditations helped me to remain calm and return to this grounded perspective during a very challenging time.  I have definitely gained strength and am now even grateful for the experience.  That’s a peaceful and healing place to arrive at!

The positive news is that with considered rest, rehabilitation and rejuvenation, my ankle and I recovered and healed.  I’m grateful now that all of my inflammatory symptoms have long gone and my ankle and I are completely healed and feel fit and strong!

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