Andrea’s personal mission is to educate and inspire you to Move, Nourish and Breathe deeply every day to create health, balance and vitality in your body, mind and soul!

Health, wellbeing and movement have always been a significant part of Andrea’s life since commencing dance classes at four years of age. This wonderful start lead Andrea to become a Dietitian/Nutritionist and Yoga/Pilates/Piloxing Instructor. Earlier in her career, Andrea also worked professionally as a Dancer and Singer, and in later years trained in Classical Voice at West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). Andrea also has extensive experience in the medical corporate world, particularly in clinical trials for Breast & Bowel Cancer.

Andrea shares her passion with you by incorporating both her knowledge and life experience as a Dietitian/Nutritionist and Instructor. She strives to achieve balance, health and fulfillment into her every day life and is driven to help you achieve that too!

In 2014, Andrea was thrilled to join the Australian Performing Arts Network Academy (APAN) as Body Conditioning trainer for performing arts students. This involved Nutrition and Pilates/Piloxing/Yoga training and education for all the full time students. Andrea also teaches Nutrition and Body Conditioning to Yoga Teachers in training with internationally recognised Yoga Alliance Academy.

Andrea regularly participates in national and international conferences, workshops and education programmes to ensure that she remains at the forefront of the latest teaching and technology in the world of Health and Wellbeing.

Balance is extremely important in Andrea’s life as she juggles parenting and running her own business, Zen – Clinical Nutrition and Preventative Health. Having also worked for several years in the corporate field, Andrea understands the challenges to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this modern technological world.

Andrea is known for her informative, inspirational, unique and motivational sessions and classes. She utilizes her education, experience and passion to guide you with Nutrition, Exercise and Movement, Emotional Wellbeing, Sleep and Hormones. You’ll feel empowered, guided and supported to live your life feeling energized, yet calm and full of vitality!

Why not come along for a nutrition/body scan consult and and give her class a go?and feel the difference!